Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tunica Treasure, indeed!

Pop culture helps relatives learn our nearly lost language:

and I've got my makhina ring on today too ;)

And a new poem inspired by my makhina ring, made by Kenneth Johnson, Creek/Seminole silversmith extraordinaire

Backyard Astronomy

The light rises
In preparation for
High noon.
Here, it is called
The sun at her highest point
In the sky,
The brightest moment
Of a day’s life.
It was here
That the sun
Waited to return home,
For her daughter awaited her.
Something else waited
Steel eyes gleaming.
Diamondback ,
Trail points to the setting
Of the daylight’s only star.

From the passing
Of light it took
For the Sun to
Journey home.
Redbird was gone.
Her soul in a thrush and thrall
And her eyes no
Longer on the sky

It was an easy death.
Redbird moved
Across the world
To the Ghost Country,
Played for shine,
For luck,
For love,
For grace.

She could
No longer see
The sky
That traced
Her ascendance
Back to where
Her heart began.

So many stars,
So much longing
And so far away,
A tiny pinpoint
Light of seldom
Rushing from the dark
Blanket of night sky,
Which one,
She sighs,
Is home?

© 2012 Carolyn Dunn

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