Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been quite a while since the last post--- will try and keep up the blog. Here's a list of current projects:

Echolocation: Poems and Stories from Indian Country: L.A. : we are in the final copy editing stage. The layout has been beautifully designed by Gail Cross at Desert Isle Designs in Tucson and the amazing Stu Jenks, Renaissance Man, is publishing through his Fezziweg Press. We should see the light of day by January 2012 (fingers crossed!)

Bloodline (novel) is finished. It has been sent to Aunt Lute. We will see if they take a chance on it! Indians and vampires inherit Los Angeles in the near future.

The Bone Picker (play) is nearing the end of the first draft. Will send it to Native Voices when it's finished. Jeanie and Randy are patient. They have lots of new works in the works as well...

The third poetry book, The Stains of Burden and Dumb Luck, is in progress. Still editing. We may see some progress by the end of 2012. That is if we're not all at the bottom of the ocean by then.

My evil twin is hard at work at the next novel in her fantasy series, The Two Kingdoms.

I totally blame my students for this, but they have me totally addicted to the Josei/Shojo genre of manga. Oh, those girls have ruined my life!! It reminds me of my mom reading her Harlequin novels on Sunday afternoons while listening to Neil Diamond's Hot August Night. It's a wonder I survived Dora's choice in music and reading, but she lives on and I believe would have joined me in the manga obsession while listening to Crowded House. I am her daughter after all. So I am looking for a student to be a translator and another to scan. (Can I give independent studies credit for something like that???) That said, I am starting my own scanlation group (in my infinite spare time). will be up and running sometime in 2012.

Adjusting to life in the Bay Area has been fun. I'm such an Angeleno that I bristle at all the Giants paraphernalia I am accosted with on a daily basis. Thank goodness for L.A. transplants at UCSC and the occasional Dodger cap. Ahhh... I can relax and breathe. I did spend seven years at USC so I guess I can survive enemy territory. After all, isn't this all enemy territory for a Hollywood Indian?

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