Monday, February 7, 2011

from the new poetry manuscript...

winter count

Deepened octaves of winter,
three different words for
and we can't seem
to fathom even one.
Bringing us to our
knees, the road ends
here, in a mist of sky,
water, and air
greeting earth in
a kiss of white and
the end of time.
Drifts rise
smoke of prayers
ascending upon a
breath of a distant
light, long ago laden
with the end of beauty.
How can we move
'if we are frozen
in a fear of change, of death,
of endings and beginnings
that are one in the same?
Can this frozen starlight,
glittering starry-eyed
in the darkness and silence
of night,
remain just what
breathing was meant to be---
beginning, ending, ending,
and the mercy of an eternal
brings the breathing
to prayers looking
to heaven as we wish
the road would lead
us home.

© Carolyn Dunn 2011

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