Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovely review of Stu Jenks' Hoop Dancing

I just found this very nice review of my friend Stu Jenks' memoir Hoop Dancing. I wrote the introduction to Stu's book and this review is from Zocalo Magazine in Tucson, Arizona, where Stu lives. Stu is a true renaissance man: photographer, musician, mythmaker, caregiver. He creates these gorgeous images using light and movement I am a huge fan of his work. Stu's website is Click here to visit him on the web.

Review of Hoop Dancing from Zocalo Magazine:

HOOP DANCING:Picture 21_1.png
More Journeys Through Nocturnal Photography, Book Two
by Stu Jenks
Fezziwig Press (2009) Photography/Memoir

Stu Jenks makes magic in the dark. While his breadth of subjects is deep and wide, he is well known for his ethereal nighttime photos. In Hoop Dancing, Jenks takes the reader on his artistic journeys deep into deserts and forests where he spends hours creating gorgeous, otherworldly images.

Along the way, Jenks lays his soul bare while he vividly reflects on life, love, loss and rebirth. His poignant explorations into the natural world include ruminations on humanity’s ancient issues – especially reconciling the physical with the spiritual. An important observation Jenks makes is remembering “that my body is just the vessel that moves my soul through this world…not to be hated or judged, but loved for doing the good job of moving me around.”

With breathtaking photography, Hoop Dancing is an inspired art book that delves into Jenks’ creative process and reminds us of the importance of connecting with nature. In doing so, we connect to a greater power. — Jamie Manser

Zocalo Magazine can be found here.

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