Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daughter of the Sun

The Daughter of the Sun

Washing clean
the stains of burden
and dumb luck,
she falls across
a barren world
that has yet to

aboard a flight of protruded
dreams, she
awaits, lingers,
singing a song
that calls her
to the damage of stars
and crying a deed
that’s left unfinished.

In the early morning,
light finds itself
surrounded by
her song varies
in length, in tone,
in vision
and breadth.

It remains a new day at dawn,
when the daylight
can turn either way
like her heart.
or famine,
sometimes these things,
like her singing,
can never remain
in the same flame.

As a heart broken
by grief and constant
pride. Will she sing
as a star rises,
giving light to a world
framed in darkness?
Or, will she remain still,
looking in shadow
for the pieces
of the shattered and shaking
rain crossed and shimmering
in a blessing of dawn.

© Carolyn Dunn 2009.

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